Company Profile

company profileCommercial Asset Preservation, LLC, ("CAP") is a service provider established in 2009 to manage a national network of independent contractors offering property inspection, day porter, de-imaging, maintenance, and preservation services to holders of abandoned and nearly vacant retail, office, industrial and institutional (altogether "commercial") real estate. CAP has since evolved into a full scale commercial maintenance and inspection service provider handling both occupied and vacant properties. CAP is the premier national provider of commercial building maintenance and oversight. CAP strives to keep your property clean, safe and secure. CAP provides the solutions and manpower to help a property avoid further deterioration from the physical state it is in, become subject to vandalism, or receive a citation from the local governing authority for its physical condition.

CAP's strength lies in dealing with the occupied and vacant commercial properties that give you headaches.

CAP created the business of maintaining and overseeing vacant and abandoned commercial structures. It is our expertise. From this early focus, CAP has quickly grown to handle all types of challenged commercial real estate, vacant, partially vacant and fully occupied. We dare to tread where others do not or cannot go. Give us your challenges and let CAP eliminate your commercial real estate problems.

For complete commercial building maintenance and property inspection solutions, call Toll Free (800) 445-0640 or