Building and property conditions can change rapidly. Protecting your investment and the success of future utilization of that investment is critical. CAP is the only company nationally dedicated to providing services for at-risk commercial properties. CAP can perform an initial inspection of a newly acquired or recently distressed property to establish a baseline of the property's condition or you can utilize CAP's inspection expertise to keep an eye on your property on a recurring basis. CAP provides routine daytime inspections with clear, documented reports and photographs, available for your review 24/7 via our proprietary client portal. CAP's locally based agents can recommend the frequency of inspections (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually) based upon the geography and environment of the property or CAP can follow your procedure for recurring site visits.

During each visit to the property CAP completes a walk around the entire building. CAP's agent can enter the property to view interior conditions during visits if you so choose. If there is damage to the site, the CAP contractor will provide photos of the damage and an estimate for repair. By using commercial general contractors to perform site inspections, CAP has a resource at the site who is not only capable of troubleshooting any deleterious or safety issues that may require attention, but also has the knowledge to provide detailed repair estimates or immediately address the issues they observe. Vacant and partially occupied commercial properties have specific needs which CAP's expert inspectors' specialization helps address by reducing the likelihood of vandalism and code violations, rectifying life-safety issues, and helping the property's condition stabilize so that a sale of the building or re-utilization is more expedient.

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